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No yacht is too big or too small.

Bottom Painting

Whether you need to redo existing bottom paint or need an application of new bottom paint, we’ve got you covered. We will remove existing debris and then apply antifouling  paint that will work to inhibit marine growth as well as protect everything that sits in the water. Ask us about HULL MAXX, a revolutionary, clear antifouling product.  

Have you recently purchased an outboard motor? Protect your investment! Our service department can make sure your boat stays on schedule for it’s hourly and annual engine servicing. You’ll never have to worry about boring maintenance again. 


The South Florida mixture of water, salt, UV rays, and  organic build-up can wreck havoc on your boats finish. We  offer several different detailing options in order to maintain  your boats protective surface. A freshly waxed hull is going to give your boat that extra shine.


Scheduled Washes

Water and salt are the number one cause of weathering  here in South Florida . Because your hull is susceptible to  water, a good wash will protect against corrosion and the  chemical breakdown from salt. We can send our crew to  wash your boat at scheduled times or as needed.


Boat Sales

We love the boating lifestyle and this will translate into  placing the right buyer or seller with the right boat. Our  brokers work to get you the highest dollar value by  knowing your vessel and spreading the word along our  social media and networking sites. On the buying side, we  have a keen eye for quality and detail and will help you  find a sleek and reliable vessel for your boating needs.


Fiberglass Repairs

Fiberglass can be repaired to look brand new and we staff the most professional body repair specialists in the area. Whether you need a major structural repair or a few touch-ups, our fiberglass gurus have got you covered. 


Outboard Painting

The cowling, often referred to as an engine “hood” or  “cover,” conceals an outboard marine engine and protects its internal powertrain and vital components from sun. Therefore, it should be regularly maintained to protect it from harsh marine life and strong corrosive UV rays.


Paint Repairs & Full Paint Jobs

Whether you’re in need a partial paint job or a major restoration, our experienced paint specialists will leave your boat looking better than the day you bought it. We can do gelcoat repair and a host of other marine applications.


Bottom Cleaning

We will send over one of our divers for scheduled bottom  cleanings which will extend the life of your antifouling paint. Additional benefits include reduced drag which results in better fuel economy and peak performance.



Our experts can design a cushion to coordinate with your  existing upholstery or create an entirely new look with a  full set of custom cushions. We can repair a seam or do a  total replacement with a wide selection of custom marine fabrics.

With any of our services we offer haul out at boat ramps with our trailers as well as captain services to pick your boat up from your dock and drive it to a boat ramp for haul out. 

Bilbo’s makes boat maintenance a completely hands off experience.

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