Boat Cleaning Tips

Boat cleaning tips

Simply put, life is better on the water. At Bilbos Marine, we want you to make the most of your time on the water and let us handle the boat maintenance.

We understand that you have the knowledge required to maintain your boat however, our team of boating professionals can help you do the difficult jobs that protect your boat long term. Getting regular boat cleaning and repainting is great, but if you really want to extend the life of your boat and prevent wear and tear we’re here to share some expert advice with you so you can keep your #Bilbo shine.

Grab the Necessary Supplies 

Making sure to rinse off salt water after each use is a crucial precaution to take when owning or maintaining a boat. You won’t be skipping a step if you have a hose line handy to make this quick and easy. Saltwater and the heat of Florida’s sun are the perfect mix for deterioration.

To get a thorough cleaning you’ll need to gather some extra supplies from boat supplies stores such as a bucket, a light towel or washing mitt, and long-handled brushes with both firm and soft bristle. 

Choose Cleaners Wisely 

When it comes to boat washing, spend money on high-quality cleaning supplies and buy more than you think you need. Quality of products is among the most crucial part of maintenance. 

Chrome accents require a particular formula in addition to high-quality metal polish in order to prevent rust and wear. The boat’s look will be protected and upheld while being made to sparkle and dazzle. If you’re doubtful, check with your boat dealer or the previous owner to make sure the products you’re using won’t damage the paint and upholstery on your boat.

Glass Smudges and Damages 

The glass parts are important to note! Cloudy and smeared glass fittings can take away from the overall appearance of your boat. A microfiber cloth, water, and vinegar in a spray bottle make up a straightforward window cleaning solution. 

This solution is ideal for getting rid of stains and smudges. If you acquire glass scratches, the damage will be irreversible. However, to avoid this, make sure your windows are sprayed with a silicone spray after cleaning, and then use a silicone squeegee. 

Rinsing Is Vital 

Before you store or dock your boat it is crucial to start with a clean slate. Rinse it down so it is free of salt, grime, and marine life that accumulates and harms the hull’s surface and coating. Once rinsed, continue washing as usual to attain the desired fresh finish.

Limit Air Drying 

Minerals will be kept on the hull of your boat after they have air-dried. You want to avoid this. It’s not damaging, however, it gives the appearance of white dots and blotches interfering with the aesthetic of the boat. Rather than allowing the boat to air dry, use a microfiber towel to remove as much water as possible, ensuring a streak-free even finish. 

Keep It Environmentally Friendly

The ecosystem of the oceans is delicate, so it’s crucial to maintain a healthy ocean by employing gentle cleaners rather than harsh ones. Respect for nature is important. Traditional soap can be replaced with a biodegradable substance that has a neutral PH factor. The directions on the soap container should always be followed, both specifically and generally speaking. The likelihood that the detergent will abrasively clean the boat’s surface increases with the concentration of the detergent.

Degrease Your Engine 

Although it’s not necessary every time, doing it seasonally is advised, and in Florida, since we use our boats all year long it is helpful to maintain the engine on a more regular basis. If you anticipate being away from the boat for some time, degrease the engine before putting it away. 

Firstly, saturate a towel with a quality degreaser. To lessen accumulated oil, grease, and grime, wipe the engine parts. Following that, you can cover it with a moisture protector, which is offered by the majority of reliable boat supply retailers. Bilbo’s Marine can offer you professional full detailing to keep your boat in tip-top shape.

Boat Detailing With Bilbo’s Marine 

Our team at Bilbo’s Maritime are industry leaders in marine vessel maintenance. We have scheduled washes and personalized plans to best meet your boating needs. We offer a variety of services, such as boat sales, outboard, and bottom painting, full paint jobs, engine services, boat polishing, and scheduled washes, in addition to sales of boats and repairs to fiberglass and other materials.

A clean boat and a good time go hand in hand. Let Bilbo’s Marine, take care of it for you. Where no yacht or boat is too little or large for us to service. It’s time to get that Bilbo shine, so gets in touch with us today! 

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