5 Benefits of Boat Detailing in South Florida

Are you a boat owner in South Florida who is tired of cleaning your own boat? Better question, are you tired of spending hundreds of dollars on repairs due to damage from the sun or salt? If you answered yes to any of these questions continue reading about the top 5 benefits of boat detailing in South Florida. 

UV Protection

One of the dangers of being a boat owner in Florida is the possibility of harsh sun damage. Leaving your boat out in the sun for extended periods of time can dry out the gel coat on your boat, dull it down, and leave it cracked. Over time these cracks can worsen and possibly lead to internal problems. Since boats are constantly on the water eventually the paint and polish of the exterior can dry out. 

In addition, most boat seats are made from vinyl. Although vinyl is a durable waterproof material, your vinyl seats can experience sun damage as well. Vinyl seats can lose color and shine as well as begin to crack the material. These damages can cause them to have to be restored or reupholstered.

Reduces Drag with Wax

A part of our process in detailing is waxing the boat’s hull. It’s among the most important parts of the detailing process. Waxing provides the best protection for your hull and protects against corrosions and chemical breakdowns.

When the hull of your boat has an uneven surface from corrosion or abrasions this can create a drag on the water. Waxing your boat’s hull reduces the drag and allows for smooth performance with bow lift.

Waxing can also protect against UV light which can damage the paint and fiberglass over long periods of exposure to the sun.

Preserve Your Boat’s Value

Boat detailing can assist in either increasing or maintaining the value of your investment. Most people who choose to resell their boats have them detailed prior to the sale. Hiring a professional detailing company like Bilbo’s Marine can preserve the value of your boat. As boat professionals, our mission is to make your boat look newer and in better condition, potentially increasing its value.

Utilizing a boat detailing company can extend the life of your boat by preventing further damages from occurring. Having professionals on your boat can also help prevent or catch any potential damages early on. With the expertise and extensive knowledge, Bilbo’s Marine knows what to look for and how to preserve the value for the future.

Saltwater Damage Prevention

If you are a Florida boat owner you know how dangerous the saltwater can be for your boat, especially when left in the water. Saltwater damages the metal parts of boats by corroding quickly and forming rust on the surface. To put how harmful saltwater can be in perspective, saltwater corrodes metal 5 times faster than freshwater.

As a result, Bilbo’s Marine offers boat detailing in South Florida to protect against the damages caused by salt. Although we know that avoiding corrosion altogether is nearly impossible for boat owners in Florida, detailing your boat on a regular basis can help prolong the process.

Algae and Fungi

One of the most common issues that boat owners face is with algae. Algae can begin to develop on your boat if it remains out too long especially in the bay, ocean, or any other body of water you may be around. The longer algae and fungi are left on your boat the harder it is to remove. Thus, damaging the finish on your boat.

This is why regular boat detailing services is important to keep this from happening. Boats that remain in water without a boat lift are mainly at risk from damages by algae and fungi, however, we can help prevent that at Bilbo’s Marine. No boat is too small, and no yacht is too big, we service them all. Contact us today because it’s time to get that Bilbo shine!

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