The Best Topside Boat Paint Options

A fresh coat of paint preserves your boat, improves its appearance, and makes it simpler to clean.   Aside from price, a variety of things will impact your paint decision. Topside paint mixtures vary by brand. Each have their own set of recommended primers, thinners, substrates, and surface prep instructions.

Stick to the manufacturer’s guidelines if you don’t have expertise with a product or book with Bilbo’s Marine. Keep reading for some useful hints and tactics to assist you in your search for the best topside boat paint options.

Blue Water Mega Gloss

Blue Water Mega Gloss is inexpensive and simple to apply. Only use this paint above the waterline. This topside paint works best in thin layers; read the prep guidelines on the product for further information. As well as whether the Blue Water Mega Gloss Primer is required.

Interlux Brightside

Looking to jazz it up with different color options? With Interlux Brightside you’ll get a range of color options. This paint is used for topside gloss panels with mild water exposure. Additionally, if you want a paint ideal for a white slip-resistant deck, try Interdeck white paint with extra non-skid.


Duralux supplies camouflage paints as well as high gloss marine enamel. Apply Duralux Zinkromate Primer to the aluminum areas. The Duralux Yacht Primer is best on wood for maximum bonding.


Awlgrip is the best overall yacht paint for the topside with the smoothest finish. While it is the most expensive it produces the finest results and is popular amongst buyers.  The best application will come from using proper activators and reducers.

More Tips

Your topside boat paint selection is based on how much you’re willing to spend. The level of durability required, and the amount of time you want to devote to the administration of your boat paint. Pick a good solvent-resistant, high-density closed-cell foam roller.  This reduces the creation of surface bubbles, which might occur when using a big cell foam roller. Applying a thin amount of paint is best. This technique is known as “roll and tip”.

Bilbo’s Marine

Handling topside painting yourself could produce a professional-grade finish for approximately a tenth of the price the boatyard charges—but only if you approach it the way the boatyard does. Surface preparation must get 90% of your attention. We offer a range of paint options here at Bilbo’s Marine, and we know a thing or two about boat paint. Choose Bilbo’s Marine for your next paint job service.

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